Run the race, lap up the points

For the second year in a row, City Club are proud to support ISORACE, a 10 mile virtual footrace which takes place on the 24th April at 10am. ISORACE III, the third in the series, is a truly competitive and inclusive virtual experience that sees runners from around the world start their race at the same time, racing against each other virtually. Taking part is completely free, and because we’re really into rewarding City Club members, we’ll give 1000 City Club points to anyone who successfully completes the race. A nice, refreshing tipple or a hearty meal to refuel you, how you spend your points is up to you.

How do I enter?

1. Tap the button below to register for the race through our special City Club link
2. Once you’ve completed the race, our friends at ISORACE will send you a special code
3. Pop that code into the ‘Voucher Codes’ section of City Club and your points will be instantly added.

Ready to dust off those trainers?