Points & credits

First things first, you need to register a card for payment.

Registering a card

Registering your card is easy and secure. Simply go to the ‘Payment’ screen in your ‘profile page’, select ‘Add Payment Method’ and follow the instructions.

TIP: if you have a reward card (i.e. a credit card) where you are earning things like air miles, why not register this card? This way you are getting 5% back from us, plus the rewards from your card provider. 


You earn 5% of your bill back in ‘points’. There will be opportunities to boost your point accrual, so watch out for these occasions. You can see your point balance at the top of the app home screen. You need to reedeem your points when you want to pay with them.

Redeeming points

On the City Club home screen you will see a promotional tile to redeem your points for cash. Select the tile and follow the instructions to convert the amount of points you want to convert and use against your bill. 

What points get you

It’s up to you! You can use them as you earn them on drinks and food in our pubs. Or save up for a night away at our hotels & inns.

A tip on points: You need to redeem your points for cash before you pay your bill. The bill will always use your account credit before charging your card. For example, if your bill is £10.00 and you have £5.00 in your credit pot, the app will use the £5.00 in your credit pot before adding the outstanding £5.00 to your registered credit card.

A tip on credit payments: The use of your credits in our current payment flow is not ideal. Sorry about this we are fixing it. When you come to settle your bill and you have credits in your account, the payment flow does not look like your credits are being taken. Trust us, if there are credits in your pot they will be prioritised to pay your bill. To check this, once you’ve paid go to the ‘My Activity’ tab in your profile page on the app and click on the ‘My Activity’ tab to see your bill. Click on the bill and you will see your credits have been used.