We’re delighted to be open once more and welcoming you back. There will of course be some changes in the way we do things, especially as we’re only opening the garden to start, but we’re endeavouring to deliver the same great service and atmosphere we’re renowned for, whilst delivering our key safety initiatives in line with the Governments Health and Safety advice. As the Assembly has just announced that we can open the inside of the pub from the 3rd August we’re now looking forward to being able to look after you when it rains as well!

We have a shortened (but still delicious) menu which we will be bringing back up to full size over the summer, as there are still some suppliers who aren’t back in production and we need to maintain social distancing in the kitchens.

The wine and beer selections have been reduced for now as suppliers get back up to speed and to avoid any disappointment. Events too, as per Government advice, have been put on hold but will keep you up to date as these are planned back in.

Please do download our City Club App as this will allow you to book a table or a room, order your food and drink from the table as well as to pay your bill and collect reward points to use on future visits.

Hope to see you soon

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